Competition regulations

Women DALC trials, Seoul (South Korea)
World Championships, Seoul (South Korea) (First page with stamps and signatures)
World Championships, Seoul (South Korea)
Youth’s European Championships U-16, U-18, Wexford (Ireland)
Application form for Youth’s European Championships U-16, U-18, Wexford (Ireland)
European Cup, Wexford (Ireland)
Application form for European Cup, Wexford (Ireland)
Euro Grand Prix, Wexford (Ireland)
Application form for Euro Grand Prix, Wexford (Ireland)
World Cup, stage 3, Saint Petersburg (Russia)
World Cup, stage 4, Ulan-Ude (Russia)
Open European Championship for Juniors U-22; Open European Championship for Adults; Open European Championship for Veterans
World Cup, stage 1, Hamburg (Germany)
Grand Prix, stage 1, Hamburg (Germany)

World Championship 2016, Actobe (Kazakhstan)
Euro Championships among youths U-16|U-18, 2016, Daugavpils (Latvia)
World Cup, 3rd stage, Daugavpils (Latvia)
Grand Prix, 3rd stage, Daugavpils (Latvia)
World Championship 2016, Actobe (Kazakhstan)“>Euro Championship 2016, Gdinya (Poland)