The history of the European and International movement

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The European Union of Weightball Lifting (EUWL) has been created in 1992 under the initiative of the Baltic countries. Except for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in its activity have taken part representatives of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Headquarters of the organization became the city of Talsi, Latvia.

By the first president has been selected Uldis Kundzinsh, the representative of Latvia.

Association of sportsmen and enthusiasts of the given kind of sports, its development and popularization on territory of the European continent, the organization and carrying out of competitions in the status of „EUROPEAN” was primary the purpose of creation of EUWL.

The EUWL became the first official international structure functioning in sphere of kettlebell lifting, putting into practice idea of development of the European movement and democratic cooperation of sportsmen of the various countries.

In current of an initial stage of work of EUWL three European Championships have been lead. Last from them has passed in 2002 in Roja, Latvia, at participation of 4 countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.

The special attention in work of EUWL was given support of veteran-senior movement. The people who stood at sources of kettlebell lifting in the USSR, continued active sports and organizational activity at new realities and within the limits of the new European organization.

The championships of the Europe among seniors were spent annually at wide representation of the countries-participants.

Regularly passed conferences and forums on which were discussed both current questions, and ways and directions of the further development.

The special contribution to creation and preservation of the European movement in this initial stage of history was brought by first president of EUWL Mr. Uldis Kundzinsh. Thanking its personal participation, enthusiasm and selflessness the Union has overcome many peripetias of a difficult stage of formation and development. The tragical case has torn off her life in October, 2005. It became irreplaceable loss for all European movement. The name of the first president of EUWL for ever remains in history of kettlebell lifting.

In 2006 by the new president of the European Union has been selected Imants Lochmels, the representative of Latvia.
In May, 2006, in Riga, Latvia, has passed extraordinary constituent conference of EUWL. The new structure of Board and Executive committee has been selected. The decision on occurrence in structure of the European Union of new countries-members is accepted.

In August, 2006 in Ventspils, Latvia, have been lead the I Cup of the Europe, in which was participate 7 countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova.

In March, 2007 in Panevezhis, Lithuania, there has passed next constituent conference of EUWL. On it the new concept of the further movement and development has been accepted.

At conference it has been brought the offer about expansion of a field of activity of the European Union – for attraction in the kettlebell movement of all interested persons, both on the European continent, and behind its borders.

According to the accepted decisions in August, 2007 the official re-registration of the European Union to the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting has been spent. The organisation under a new name has kept the history and nice traditions, but has considerably expanded a field of activity and geography of distribution of kettlebell sports, the new countries and new representatives have joined in its members.

Since 2007 the Championships and Superiority of the Europe are spent annually for young men and girls, juniors (mans and women), adult (men and women) and veterans (men and women). Competitions pass all in the status of „OPENED”.

Since 2008, in conformity with the new legal powers, IUKL will organize and spends the World Championships and Superiorities.

The first World Superiority among young men and girls has passed in April, 2008 in the city of Jygeva, Estonia, and the first World championship among juniors and adults has been spent in November, 2008 in Smolensk, Russia.

At open conference of IUKL in August, 2008 in Ventspils, Latvia, the main achievements for an initial stage of work have been named and main objectives of the further development are designated.

In May, 2008 the IUKL became the full member of the European Sports Committee (ESC), kettlebell lifting have been included in the program of the European Games which will pass in Shaulyay, Lithuania, in 2011.

In September, 2009, on General Assembly of TAFISA, which passed in, Taiwan, China Taypey, was finally confirmed membership of IUKL in this organization!
Thus, permanent contacts with International Olympic Committee and structures of UNECKO, the representatives of which is TAFISA, were set!
International Union took official right to present kettlebell sport on World Games of 2012 in Shaulyay, Lithuania.

Overall objective of the further work of the organisation is registration of membership of IUKL and registration of kettlebell lifting in General Association of the International Sports Federations (GAISF).

Among the primary tasks the popularisation of kettlebell lifting in the world, its development as sports of the higher achievements is confirmed. The special attention, on former, will be given to development of youth sports, support of veteran movement.

Within the limits of the general concept of development of IUKL will continue active work on propagation of applied and sports aspects of kettlebell lifting in the countries of Old and New Light. In 2007 the Instructors Training and Certification System on kettlebell lifting has been developed and confirmed, the first practical courses and seminars for coaches and beginning sportsmen are spent. In 2009 the System has been added and expanded. Programs of consecutive training at the several levels, providing gradual accumulation of theoretical and practical knowledge of instructors, increase of sports skill are developed. Today the seminars are spent on a constant basis.

The IUKL instructors continue development of System and spend education at once in the several countries and regions of World – England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Australia.

For more effective work in the most popular directions of kettlebell lifting with active assistance and home nursing of IUKL have been created International Kettlebell and Strength Training Academy (IKSA). In structure of members of IUKL the International Federation of Power Show-Programs (IFPSP) has been accepted. According to the powers received from IUKL, the given organisations are engaged in instructors training and certification on kettlebell sports, development of power juggling and alternative kinds of a raising of kettlebells. IUKL has provided high concentration of efforts on advancement of kettlebell lifting in Olympic movement.

In IUKL the traditions of carrying out of the international competitions and tournaments with solid prize become stronger. In 2010 in the fifth time tournament «Cup of Champions» in Gatchina (Russia) will be held, in the seven time will pass the most popular tournament «VENTSPILS ATLANTS» in Ventspils (Latvia). Further carrying out of the international tournaments in the area of IUKL in Finland, Denmark, Australia, USA and in Ukraine is planned.

Today with confidence is possible to tell that last years the new stage of development of the European and International movement of kettlebell lifting has begun – the period of its newest history, which page, we hope, together with us you will write also, dear users of this site!

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