European Championship 2020

European Open Championship in age groups was held in real mode from September 28 to October 5 in Nenstved, Denmark, in compliance with all the necessary safety measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, .
The strongest teams 2020 in Europe are:
Juniors U-22
1st place – Ukraine
2nd place – Latvia
3rd place – Estonia
1st place – Ukraine
2nd place – Latvia
3rd place – Denmark
1st place – Ukraine
2nd place – Latvia
3rd place – Denmark
IUKL expresses its sincere gratitude to the representative of kettlebell lifting Denmark Brian Kjer for organizing and conducting the competition at a high level.
We also congratulate and thank all the athletes who took part in the competition and once again confirmed the triumph of sports in these difficult conditions!

World Kettlebell Lifting Championship will also be held in St. Petersburg (Russia) 19-23 November.

We are confident that this competition is an important landmark for the global roaring movement.

Online tournament “ANTI-VIRUS-2020”

Dear colleagues, country representatives and athletes!

We are holding the first IUKL online competition to support our athletes during coronavirus pandemic.
For your participation we need video of your lifting including weight in of your kettlebells.
We will public best videos on our youtube channel .
Every participant will receive digital certificate with his resuls and taken place.
The total protocol of the competition will be published on the official website of IUKL .
Conditions of our competition:
Competitions are held without weight categories, athletes are divided into exercises and disciplines, weight of kettlebells and age groups.
Competition exercises and disciplines: Jerk, snatch, biathlon (sum of results in jerk and snatch / 2), one arm jerk (one time change arm), long cycle, one arm long cycle.
The time limit for all exercises is 10 minutes.
Weight of kettlebells:
For male athletes: 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg, 28 kg, 32 kg, 40 kg.

For female athletes: 12 kg, 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg, 32 kg.

Allowed deviation of the weight of kettlebells from the nominal no more than 100 grams.
All results shown with kettlebells of not nominal weight will be taken into account separately, through the total lifted weight in each exercise and discipline, in an extra open age group.
Age groups:
For male athletes: up to 14 years old, 15-16 yo, 17-18 yo, 19-22 yo, 23-39 yo, 40-44 yo, 45-49 yo, 50-54 yo, 55-59 yo, 60-64yo, 65-69yo, 70-74yo, 75+ and extra open age group.
For women: up to 14 years old, 15-16 yo, 17-18 yo, 19-22 yo, 23-34 yo, 35-39 yo, 40-44 yo, 45-49 yo, 50-54 yo, 55-59 yo , 60-64yo, 65+ and extra open age group.
Partisipation is free of charge.

Information for sending to us:
– Full name (name and surname);
– Year of birth and age group;
– Country and organization (federation, club, etc.)
– Exercises and disciplines;
– Your competitive video (including kettlebells weighing).

Email for participants: .
Deadline for sending your videos – 25th May 2020 inclusive.
Judges of Online competitions: Vasily Ginko (LAT), Valentin Egorov (RUS), Aleksander Maksimov (RUS), Valentin Berbenychuk (UKR).

We wish you all good health and good mood, see you soon!

Vasily Ginko
Secretary General of IUKL

Rescheduling of competitions.

Dear colleagues, country representatives and athletes!

We are all concerned about the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) moved to declare the COVID-19 outbreak as an official Pandemic, in many countries quarantine measures were introduced approximately until mid-April.

This period is closed to us, we also cancel all events in March and April and urge everyone to strictly observe all established precautions.

However, in this situation, the IUKL makes special efforts to ensure that athletes have all the opportunities to continue the planned training, to realize their potential and their desires, that all international competitions take place as scheduled, while ensuring maximum safety for all participants.

IUKL has taken the necessary steps to transfer competitions to the safest regions and countries.

The venues of the European and Asian Championships have been changed.

The conditions for other competitions remain unchanged.

See the new versions of the Calendar and the Rules and Regulations of international competitions in the attachment (all recent changes are highlighted in red).

We are announcing this decision as soon as possible to enable plans to be adapted accordingly for all concerned.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but in taking the decision to change the venue of the competition at this stage, we have endeavored to minimize the potential disruption to our members, representatives of countries and athletes plans.

You can be sure that IUKL is making all the necessary efforts and we are following the development of the situation in close contact with state authorities and health authorities of all countries in which our competitions are planned.

The safety and health of our athletes is a top priority for IUKL.


Dear colleagues and friends!

In 2019, IUKL became the common home for representatives of already 62 countries, which, together with IUKL, entered the international sports family through organizations such as TAFISA, WADA and GAISF / SportAccord. We have created an effective system for the development and quality management of kettlebell lifting in accordance with international requirements and work together with you on all 5 continents.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm, for your cooperation and participation in our projects and events, for the promotion of the most progressive ideas and the highest sports standards in your countries.

With the Continental Championships in Europe, Asia and America, the World Championship in Budapest and many other international sporting events, 2020 will be an eventful year for IUKL community and we hope to make it a great one with your precious collaboration.

See the Calendar plan of sports events of IUKL for 2020 project in the attachment.

We wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.


Download scanned copy>>


Dear friends!

IUKL calls on all those interested in the development of the international kettlebell movement to join forces and work together to achieve common goals.

IUKL was established in 1993 and the entire period up to now is guided in its activities by the principles of equality and pluralism, holding a broad discussion of any issues and making democratic decisions based on the opinions of its members. Unfortunately, during this period we observed the emergence and liquidation of many international organizations. As you can see, many leaders of these newly created organizations previously participated in the work of such international or national federations, but did not find support from most of their comrades and therefore chose to leave these organizations and declare new ones to achieve their own goals and realize their ambitions. But such actions only increase the dissociation of athletes and their separation in different organizations.

Therefore we call all similar organizations to combine effort and use the platform of IUKL for joint development of sport in strict accordance with the requirements of International sport structures and Olympic principles.

Today IUKL unites all National Federations and Associations, having confession of the state or National Olympic Committees in their countries. Therefore IUKL has high technical and organizational standards for international competitions, with the professional judging and maximally possible safe conducts. The competition rules of IUKL are accepted and adapted in many countries through National Federations. IUKL provides a global fight against doping in kettlebell lifting. The level of the system of management of IUKL already got a high estimation and confession as International sport structures as national sport institutes in many countries.

From 2009 IUKL is the member of the Association For International Sport for All, TAFISA and presents kettlebell lifting on TAFISA World Games.

From 2015 IUKL became a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code as part of WADA.

In 2017, IUKL received the GAISF Observer Status and is now actively participating in the work of the GAISF / SportAccord under the patronage of the IOC.
We call you also to use our wide possibilities for realization of sport potential on the official competitions of IUKL and administrative potential in joint work.

We invite all athletes and leaders of all alternative organizations to take part in official IUKL competitions. See the calendar plan of sports events and the Regulations of competitions on our website at the links: ; .
With any questions please contact the IUKL Board.

We also invite all interested to participate in the Conferences, open meetings of the Board and structural meetings of IUKL, which take place during our competitions.

We hope that you will support the desire of IUKL to develop a dialogue, combine effort and consolidate international kettlebell motion for further democratic development, following interests of sportsmen all ages and levels of preparation without some discrimination. Thus we must take into account rich 30-years-old experience and historical features of development of kettlebell sport, having regard to interests of representatives of entire countries and continents, all public, state and international organizations, comply with the recommendations and requirements of International Sport Structures.

Best regards,
Mr. Vasily Ginko
Secretary General of IUKL

Representing Kettlebell Sport at SportAccord 2019

IUKL represented kettlebell sport at SportAccord 2019. It was the beggest International exhibition for all International sport federations. We had 4 delegates: Valentin Egorov (Russia), Rhonda Glick (USA), Cheryl Schneider (Australia) and Shannon Pigdon (Australia).

The very important task for IUKL – to have more countries with accredited national kettlebell sport federation (by national Olympic cometee or Sports Ministry). Continue working.